Do you have an idea? ...we all do!
Is it a creative one, which you just don`t know how to express and actually shape up?
Well, I might be just the thing for you!!
What do I actually do?
imagery and layout
Statement artwork
Lifestyle design
 Are you...?  

Everything I create is considered an art object and it is to be treated as such

I don`t do "copy this" type of projects

I have the right to choose my projects, so usually the most artistically challenging ones prevail

Every project is unique in it`s own way, so I can`t really standardize prices, they are established between the two parts after
discussing project details (*exception are the already for sale products)

I concieve and create furniture, clothing, footwear or other decorative objects....they are unique and one of a kind, so I don`t do
mass production

Everything I conceive and create is made by myself, and art objects need time,
so I don`t usually take urgent projects (it always depends)

...a company looking for an original, out of the ordinary brand? ...or just some complementary materials
to the one you already have?

...the passionate gift giver, choosing one of a kind products? search of illustrating & visually organizing your portfolio, book, catalogue or any other content? art collector with interest in making a statement? ...or just wanting 'something else'?

...the person who likes to reflect it`s uniqueness in the world through wearable art?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, pick your areas of interest to explore
...and don`t hesitate to contact me :)