Embrace and reflect your uniqueness!!

Be the style you want to see in world

Be cool & fabulous yet still casual & comfortable!!

Don`t pay the name, pay the actual artwork, the statement it makes and the feeling it gives you!!

Show your extravagance on a daily basis!!

Want to look outstanding on special occasions? ...well let me tell you something: everyday is special and we should celebrate it`s uniqueness.

In this mass production and following society era, be the trend setter, just be you!!

This website may help you express yourself by either awakening the dormant desire to be apart or explore your already active urge for individuality.

All the artworks are handmade by myself every step of the way and each and everyone is one of a kind!!

Lifestyle furniture 

Quirky, one of a kind furniture
which is a representation of a shifty, easy to reorganize by mood lifestyle,
because of it`s modular & multifunctional features,
perfectly suited for a young, artistic soul with the desire of expressing it`s individuality
through custom made items.

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Where casual meets extraordinary!!

One of a kind wearable artwork, ready for sale or custom made.

Divided (for now) in the following collections:

the most basic models which make you
look beyond the aesthetics, embracing the
comfortable feel
summery clothing, airy feel, being
literally a light wear
as the totem animal, they are the same
'normal' daily appearance, yet with a
significant dose of elegance
the shredded clothing, by exposing more or less skin
are giving you this high perception of others, making
it easier to connect in friendliness & generosity (of
which the totem animal is a symbol of)
artwork which is more than what it
first seems
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